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Epic Crates – Who We Are and Our Product

Epic Crates – Who We Are and Our Product

The Epic Crates Journey began in 2009, with the dream of a high quality tech case – environmentally friendly and designed for optimum protection. Years of test trials with different materials, varied features, and experimental designs have led to the exciting product we take pride in printing and crafting for you today, right here in the USA.
Epic Crates phone cases are uniquely designed with these special features:
1. Crafted entirely from TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)
2. A built-in finger strap for stability
3. Integrated sound-enhancing acoustics

4. A strong utility structure that protects by minimizing any impacts.

First, TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) is a sturdy, non-toxic material that absorbs shock efficiently. This makes it a perfect choice for Epic Crates Cases – allowing for a flexible, yet snug structure that protects your device in a material you can feel good about. Also, TPU is an environmentally friendly material that reduces carbon footprint by approximately 20 percent – all without compromising quality or performance.
Second, the built-in finger strap eliminates the expense of purchasing stability devices. Due to the flexible TPU material, our incorporated bands are reliably firm and will keep your phone safely in your hand.
Third, our integrated sound-enhancing features improve your music and video experience. Due to specially-designed acoustics, any sound played straight from your device will carry further and resonate impressively.
Last, our patented Epic Crates design includes protective lips that shield your screen and camera(s) from those dreaded drops. Without unsightly bulk, our cases protect efficiently and with unique style.
*(Bio-based content as determined by ASTM-D6866)

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